CC&Rs, Bylaws & Rules

The Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) are the governing legal documents of a community. The guidelines are setup for the operation of the community and were recorded in the Fairfax County offices. The CC&Rs are included in the title to your propoerty. In almost all cases, failure to abide by the CC&Rs may result in a violation assessment fee to the homeowner by an association. 

The Bylaws of the association expound on the CC&Rs. They set forth rules regarding parking, allowable vehicles, lawn maintenance, etc. Newbridge Homeowners association developed and adopted Architectural Guidelines, which detail rules regarding exterior modifications, satellite placement, landscaping, decks and fencing, etc. Homeowner must apply to an Architectural Review Board to make modifications to the exterior of the home. 

You will need Microsoft Office and Acrobat Reader or another pdf reading program to open the following documents. 

Board Meeting Minutes2013 Annual Board Meeting Notes — February 11, 2013
Board Meeting Notes — November 05, 2012
Board Meeting Notes — October 09, 2012
Board Meeting Notes — September 26, 2012
Board Meeting Notes — June 13, 2012
Board Meeting Notes — May 23, 2012
Board Meeting Notes — April 18, 2012

CC&Rs, Bylaws & RulesCC&Rs
Bylaws and Amendments
Architecture Committee Rules
Landscape Guidelines

AssessmentsAssessment Direct Debit Form
Payment Options for HOAs

Budgets & Reserve StudyLandscape Contract
Newbridge Contract
2011 Growing Earth Approval Of Work
Drainage and Erosion Proposal
Bladerunners 2010 Contract

Financial StatementsFinancials

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