About Newbridge HOA

Newbridge homeowners association is a nonprofit corporation managed by an elected Board of Directors. Its sole purpose is to maintain all common areas and elements within the community (such as playgrounds, pools, walking trails, private roads, etc.) and to govern the community in accordance with its legal documents: Articles of Incorporation, Declaration, and Bylaws.

The Board of Directors is elected by the homeowners of each community for a term speficied by the governing documents. The limitations and restrictions of the powers of a Board of Directors is generally outlined in the governing documents as well.

Millenium Management Company is contracted by the Board of Directors to provide for the business operations of the HOA. MMI is responsible for dues collections, administration, supervision of contractors, and CC&R enforcement. MMI also serves as a homeowner resource for problem solving and communications about community issues. MMI reports to the Board of Directors, and while they may advise the Board the Board still makes all decisions regarding HOA business by majority vote.Click on the links below for a downloadable pdf blueprint and walk map.

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